Svetlana Malkova: A Perfect Businesswoman



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The protagonist of our weekly appointment with successful women who tell about themselves. Her personal story is a love story for her work, a story of sacrifice and success, a story that led her to be a visionary entrepreneur, her watchword is: Working a lot on yourself, being kind to the public. A few words, but very concrete. A simple advice received with the heart, a paradigm around which to build your career, that’s why we at Break Magazine had the honor to interview. Her name is Svetlana Malkova, photomodel, and a business woman from St. Petersburg, Svetlana is very focused on her more concrete objectives, she possesses the fabric of the great: the true passion. Today Svetlana wants to be an example for many women who can not overcome some obstacles, then says: just believe it to the end and sooner or later the sacrifice is repaid. Healthy lifestyle, lots of vegetables, fruit, drink plenty of water are small formulas that helps to balance every day. S. I spend a lot of time in the gym five to six times a week, and keeping fit is essential for me. Then Svetlana talks about his travels and what he would like to do, and he says: we are pioneers, discoverers, and in our nature travel My dream is to travel to different countries. Svetlana also talks about the dream of buying a small beach house in a warm country. Svetlana is fundamental to his commitment to his company: S.M I’m very focused on growing my business we take care of renovating apartments, Moreover, my project is my body, which is improved every day. And then the final question on the meaning of life responds like this: I believe that the meaning of life is in the love of man and childrenn the discipli Like Rafaela Montanaro, an elite athlete who bases her success not only on her abilities but also on her mental strength, to be able to overcome and continue to grow in the discipline of the pole. She is not only a woman, she is alsoa very special one! Her arnaldo zeppieri assolto


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